Environmental advocacy in Mauritius

Advocacy and awareness

Advocacy and awareness

These two actions go hand-in-hand insofar as they are carried-out through awareness campaigns such as mobilizations, participation and organisation of conferences, round-tables with one or more categories of stakeholders.

Mauritius’s national land use plan is currently under review. The time is therefore right to propose a new governance model for our coastline. This already fragile and restricted coastline faces many challenges and threats:
– coastal erosion and other devastating effects of climate change,
– increased building activity and destruction of environmentally sensitive areas,
– absence of long-term planning,
– erroneous vision of future tourism,
– great insufficiency in terms of public spaces,
– development models which maintain or even amplify social inequalities.

For “Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz” (AKNL), after 6 years of confrontations and fire-fighting against land-grabbing and over-building along the coastline, it’s about time to initiate collaboration dynamics including public authorities, NGOs, civil society and the private sector in order to trace a route towards a more responsible, harmonious and sustainable reappropriation of our coastline.

As with any Small Island Developing State (SIDS), it is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for this common good that is the coast. Because it really is about heritage and about what we want to pass on to future generations. It is therefore necessary to make the following steps:
1. A multi-stakeholder dialogue: – public sector – NGOs – civil society – private sector – scientists
2. Planning and a management system focused on the long-term public interest, ensuring the preservation of ecosystems as well as public access to unique sites, all within a scientific, legal and regulatory framework.


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