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About mru2025

About mru2025

mru2025 is a Mauritian-based NGO that focuses on the protection, preservation and restoration of the island’s coastal zone.

Our Vision

A country where there is a sustainable management of our coastal zone that actively protects and preserves the natural environment while being economically viable for the community.

Protecting and enhancing the coastal Commons in Mauritius by enabling greater understanding and participation of general public and coastal communities in decision-making for the coastal zone via grass-roots consultations and a national advocacy campaign.

Our country today needs a land policy that will safeguard its coastal zone in the face of the climate emergency. We, as a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), need to maintain the ecological balance by respecting natural sites, as well as the rights of the Mauritian public to enjoy their coastal heritage. A different approach is thus urgently called for.

The spatial scope of our actions
Our focus is the coastal regions and the lagoons all around the island of Mauritius and Rodrigues, where several ecosystems interact. In technical terms, the coastal region is said to be from “Ridge to Reef”.

What do we do?
mru2025 is first a backbone structure to the Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz citizen platform (AKNL) to which it brings:
– an administrative framework,
– scientific expertise and know-how,
– logistics and resources.

mru2025 fulfils its mission through the following:
Raise awareness on environmental rights, sustainable development,
natural heritage and commons to create environmental
stewardship among Mauritian citizens
Advocate for the protection and expansion of our natural heritage
and our commons and for environmental rights to benefit from
constitutional protection
Initiate legal actions to prevent further loss of commons and
environmentally sensitive areas in the coastal zone of Mauritius
Contribute to the development of policy and planning frameworks
to effectively protect our natural heritage and commons and
promote democracy through involving the public in decision-
making processes
Create, channel and disseminate scientific knowledge to sensitize
the public and inform policies and government decisions with
regard to sustainable development activities.

Our aims
mru2025 aims at initiating a revaluation of the Mauritian coastline from an environmental perspective, namely:
– put an halt to the intensive real-estate development on coastal regions,
– protect the coastal ecosystems where they still function, rehabilitate them where they are seriously impaired,
– reconcile the local citizen with its natural heritage; the coastline as focus.

The means to our ends
mru2025 fulfils its mission by:
– advocating for policy changes to ensure the protection, restoration and expansion of the “commons” that constitute the beaches, lagoons and other coastal ecosystems,
– denouncing the developments that are sources of injustice or done to the detriment of our natural capital,
– raising civic awareness for environmental stewardship to ensure the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices,
– inspiring a democracy that represents the interests of the people.

Support mru2025

We rely on citizen engagement so as to preserve the unbuilt coastal regions of Mauritius for its people’s enjoyment.

Why mru2025 needs your donation?
In addition to the necessity to finance the running expenses of our organisation, we also need financing to our carry-out our projects. The nature of expenses varies from one action to the other and can be categorised as follows:
– creation for media and communication contents for our advocacy or awareness campaigns,
– organisation of events,
– legal fees and expenses when it comes to disputing permits or lodging of judicial reviews,
– fees related to scientific studies necessary to filing disputes or to bring substance to our proposals for alternative sustainable development models or projects.

What are mru2025 projects?
It may be useful to first get an overview of what do we do, detailed in our “About” section.

Our priorities and mid-term project is to protect the natural values of the coastal region of the south of Mauritius, more precisely from La Cambuse to Bel Ombre, which is relatively preserved from extensive real-estate development.

This umbrella project includes several sub-projects such as making this region Mauritius’ first coastal park as well as the restoration of the status of Pomponette as a public beach, while upgrading the site to create a model of coastal sustainable development. Members of the public would benefit from a quality leisure venue generating economic activity for regional inhabitants for its “crowd-pulling” capacities and bringing value to our touristic destination as a whole.

On a larger scope, mru2025 encourages the adoption of the principles of Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounts in each development decision process, as well as the adoption of the South Coast Heritage Zone concept among others.

Owing to the relatively vast and diluted nature of our projects, they seldom qualify for crowd and institutional funding; we therefore rely mostly on individual or collective spontaneous funding from people sharing our vision and missions.

Kindly give an amount you can afford and up to your appreciation of our actions in protecting the natural sites you cherish, knowing that we prefer modest monthly contributions to more important one-off payments, so as to know you are alongside walking our way .

Thanking you in anticipation,

The mru2025 team.

Help us today

An endless battle

Advocacy for the safeguard of our natural capital is every citizen's duty. We need your support to keep our battle going. A battle on all fronts; technical, political, and judicial


Help us today

Save Pomponette beach

In September 2020, the illegal fence at Pomponette beach was removed. It's now time for us to implement our vision for the Mauritian coastline, making Pomponette the flagship of our actions.

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